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  1. Hello to all that have serious advice they could offer... I am looking to delve into the possiblities of IBC's and Panamanian Private Interest Foundations. Mind you I'm not trying to do anything illegal as it being that I'm an American Citizen. I am seeking asset protection for my business models though. I'm involved in internet marketing, Fund Management, and obviously trading my own money. The idea behind what I'm seeking is to maintain all these busineses offshore taking advantage of the Private Interest Foundation business model. Making it so that I do not physically own any of the businesses I'm involved with, but instead I'm payed a nominal fee to manage them or what have you. Perhaps just the $80,000.00 that could be legally paid without me being taxed for it (please correct me if I'm wrong).... I actually radically understand how to trade my own money and even manage an internet marketing business as such. Where I'm confused at or better yet want to know is how to be a Fund manager/advisor/ administrator and still be able to maintain clients that keep their money in U.S. based accounts. Like those at Interactive Brokers and the like, or perhaps to word things better have an advisor or brokerage account at Interactive Brokers that is being maintained by an I.B.C. that is held by an anonymous Private Interest Foundation. Mind you I'm also interested in doing business as a Fund Manager in the FX markets also, and I think it may be a little easier with my broker I introduce for already. Please keep in mind as you read this that I've been up for several days practically, trading Forex. To those that read this and know something about it they shouldn't have a problem understanding where I'm coming from, but I'm seeking real advice for my current situation, not future. I presently am 24 and see that I'm going to be a systems trader for the rest of my life. I do not plan on absolving my American Citizenship for a Swiss one YET, but would consider that for the future... Like I say the right now is the question... So I'm thinking about everything from International Credit Lines, Prepaid Credit Cards, and whatever else have you that could be tidbits of info I could stand to pickup... Mind you though most importantly right now is the advice of being able to administer advisor/introducing broker accounts using Private Interest Foundations... Again all pertinent advice is welcome... Thanks In Advance to All serious posters...

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  3. Wow... people really have that much time to waste... What percentage of B.S. could I be talking about... I'm the one interested in the subject,... did I lend you some advice or something? I think not ... Perhaps you should take a look at this link before you wet your panties or sh*t in your underwear anymore....

    And mind you I didn't plan on displaying their link because I wanted to be an affiliate for them before I show their stuff... By the way up yours....


  4. Greatly appreciated... Like I said I was seeking more content on the subject... I haven't had the chance to take a look yet but I will... Thank you for thinking before you speak as well... Mind you like I said I'm not interested in doing anything illegal though...
  5. You can't get the $80k tax free unless you're actually living in a tax haven. As long as you're planning to live in the States you'll have to pay full US taxes.


  6. i wish you well on your journey.


  7. Thank you runningbear you'll have to forgive my memory... I had been reading further into the idea... Some of you may want to look at to understand more so where I'm coming from... Thanks again RunningBear for thinking before you speak also...
  8. Thank you for the kind comments Marketsurfer! Trading has practically changed my life overnight and I give thanks to people like yourself that helped me on my journey... So I must reiterate and wish you well on yours as well... Thanks Again!
  9. Hi Mrvizion,

    My understanding of what you are trying to do is in fact commonly done. I would suggest that you take all the info you can from this sight/postings as people may share (with several grains of salt:), but also that you consult with a law firm about your plans.

    As for managing offshore funds and private placement laws, I suggest a book:

    "How to Create & Manage a Hedge Fund: A Professional's Guide" by Wiley Finance.

    Cheesy title, but it is in fact very well written and a good introduction to the various business structures used. Of course, it’s just a guide - not a substitute for specialty legal advice.

    All the best to you!
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