Private 5G Networks Are Bringing Bandwidth Where Carriers Aren’t

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Banjo, Nov 7, 2020.

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    Behind paywall so useless to post link (without article) because most likely those who are WSJ subscribers have read it and those of us who are not ... can't.
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    Hmmm, was not behind a paywall when I first saw it or I wouldn't have been able to read it, unusual as WSJ is always pay walled. It's paywalled now for me also. Somebody screwed up and then corrected it.
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  6. usually mozilla firefox gets around that
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    Kids that impatient they get all excited about 5G, 3G feels more than fast enough to me on my phone, 4G or 3G I can't tell the difference.
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    The context is mostly wireless internet for surfing the web, streaming web content or trading. Some folks in the countryside, get their primary internet service from a wireless hotspot, as do i.
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    Hot Spot of Phone or 3G/4G on either of my tablets stream movies just fine, I prefer the 1 tablet on 4G for Netflix, more reliable than my Wifi and unlimited Netflix so all good :)

    Where do you live then, if it's Hotspot or nothing ??
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    Good is good :)

    I'm about 4 miles outside of a small town in Arkansas. I do have internet through landline phone company CenturyLink but download speed ranges from 0.5 MBPS to 1.5 MBPS and then i also have the Verizon Hotspot in my detached office, where download speed today is 27.0 MBPS

    It's all good.
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