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  1. What are everyone's thoughts on Pristine? I am a member of their educational chat room and wondered how their other services are....I have nothing but good things to say about them, I just wondered how other's experiences (seminars, mentors, premium services) with them have been---THANKS!!

  2. I have no experience with any of Pristine's services, but out of curiosity I went to Pristine's website, and I see that under the heading of "Pristine Private Mentorship Programs" they tell visitors that "If you are truly serious about trading stocks for a living, one of the first things you should set out to do is find a winner to emulate."

    A couple of the mentors charge $25,000. It's a little surprising that emulating a purported winner could cost so much, and it begs the question, how much more could it cost to emulate a loser?

    I do not mean to offend or bash anyone for trying to make a buck, and I realize that preying upon the fears of the ignorant and gullible must be a lucrative business. But $25,000??? Isn't that a bit shameless?

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    that is simply rediculous!!

    I guess if you put a water gun to my head I would say I don't really have a mentor but it is people like todd Harrison (head trader for Cramer Berkowitz) that I admire.

    I've read him for almost a year on and am impressed more and more each day
  4. Did you mean evicted or convicted? I have no problem with someone who had such a rough life at some time that they were evicted. Now if you meant convicted... that's different.

  5. Well being evicted 27 times doesn't exactly show that he took his responsibilities as a tenant seriously.

    Anyway, its up to you to personally assess whether their (relatively expensive) services are better than the competition.
  6. True... but at what age? And was it in South America (I think that is where he was from) for God only knows what reason? Some traders have had one hell of a life. Don't disagree that it should raise a flag but in this country (USA)it's difficult to get South America it's a totally different thing.
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    One sentence:

    People who cannot do, teach.
  8. their class (something to the title of) Advanced Trading Tactics of the Pros, cost $3,000.

    The class was beyond excellent, informative, hard to get scheduled and well worth the lessons and issues raised.

    It seems that getting qualified training in this business goes against the grain of being profitable, else wise the old addage of:
    1) those who can't do, teach
    2) why would someone want to part with something that makes them successful?

    These two guys (Valez & Capra) have assembled, not another trading firm (hence the high costs of mentorship), but an education corporation. Upon closer look, you'll see the lessons of VanTharpe, and other "Zen of the Markets" trainers exemplified in these guys.

    Now, I wasn't paid for these comments, however, I will say that amongst all the traders that I have spoken with, when the name "Pristine" comes up, a quite, silent hush falls over the conversation; a qualified head nod, followed by a wink and an all out agreement that "those guys are for real" is echoed.

    Make of that what you wish. One then wonders whether with their exceptionally high cost (they were the first to pioneer the concept of the real time verbal-interchange chat room over the internet) for monthly participation should be cut in third, not half. It should never cost $250/$350/$450 monthly for any membership. One then wonders also, whether one can ever cut the chord and return to competency without their services?

    Confusing? No, that was both the kiss and the slap, in one commentary.
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