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  1. Daal


    "xyz: oh this is the pristine seminar II buy setup, we are expecting $50 profit per share in two days.
    xyz update: sttoped out at $0.50 stop loss for the 20 time in 3 weeks, have a great week"

    "oh, this is pristine buy setup, oh pristine this, pristine that, have a great week, have a great weakend, pristine, pristine"

    geez, they piss me off!
  2. Oliver Velez has a truly pristine tenancy record... I ain't slamming the guy... he has publically admitted he was evicted many times :)
  3. too many wild pristine parties eh? :D
  4. bobcathy1

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    Pristine is the name of an old feminine hygiene product. Every time I see the name it makes me laugh:D
  5. anima


    I have always wondered about the integrity of folks who charge you a fee for their stock-picking "expertise". I mean, if they are such experts, then why do they have to charge you so much? They should be making money at will in the markets...

    Does anyone have any stats on how the average person who signs up for Pristine, (or whatever) actually fairs? I bet they do terrible.

  6. anima,

    Why in the world would you be interested in what the average pristine customer does? It's a fact that being average will get you no where. I'd be more interested in how their best people do. And unlike so many people on these boards that want to trash pristine (and others) I did exactly that. It turns out there are a number of people at pristine that do quite well (I mean QUITE well.) I've spent many days next to several pristine traders/trainers. I can tell you unequivocally, they make money. Some of them make in wheel barrows at a time.

    And what the hell does getting evicted have to do with trading. Once again, the pettiness of failure strikes out at those who have succeeded. Don't give me the bs about integraty. Who hasn't made a financial or other serious mistake in their live? And I wouldn't care if good old Jeff Dahmer knew how to trade, I'd find out what he had to say.

    I would sincerely like to hear an honest response from someone who has been pristine trained, studied for the 1000's of hours it takes, worked their but off for 12-14 hours a day for months or years, and can say they think pristine is no good.

    And as for the cost, if you're not interested, stop griping. What do you care what they charge? Go back read some of the giiberish just written about how if they're so good why do they need to charge so much. Were you awake when you wrote that? The best attourneys make the most, the best doctors make the most, the best teachers make the most.

    Don't blame others for your own shortcomings, lack of committment, or fears about what is possible.
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    A friend of mine's husband goes to all the seminars. He likes it but has not made mega bucks from it.

  8. Like I said, I wasn't knocking Ollie Velez... I was simply repeating what he has publically admitted, namely being evicted several times...on another note, Ollie's moustache is an inspiration... ROFL :D

    P.S. I actually own a copy of Ollie's book... it ain't too bad, and I would recommend it :)
  9. anima


    I was just curious. I am not condemning Pristine or any other advisory service. I was just trying to state my opinion that I doubt the majority of customers profit from their services.

    It wasn't me that said anything about anyone being evicted. I don't know why you are attributing this to me.

    At that rate of dedication, a person probably already has what it takes to be a success and doesn't need Pristine's services.

    Doctors, teachers and lawyers have a much higher success rate with their customers.
  10. The joke about Pristine at the time it was popular:

    "It's better to have lipstick on your collar than Pristine on your breath"

    As told by Imus in the Morning
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