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  1. Has anyone tryed out the website directed by Oliver Velez? and What do you think about all its services and DVDs?

    Thank You
  2. Stay away !
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    Avoid this unless it is free.
    Then DO NOT use his advice to learn to trade.
  4. You can find his DVD's cheap on ebay. Like $10.00 each. He gives free 2 week trial to his trading chat room. You can check it before you buy. So you can make your own decision.
  5. thank you guys!
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    Here is Ollie teaching a group of new CAC 40 traders how to trade!
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    I took their service & trainings before. They are very helpful for my TA learning process.

    You can start by search all the free education & tools first. Go to their free workshop as much as you like. You can buy the training books/CDs with very reasonable price.

    I use their free ESP real time alert for hod/lod/hom/lom,etc. real time alert tape.
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    I'm new to TA which website has the best seminars and education online then?
  10. If you want some basic ta just join (free) lbr's site and read the book that you can download.
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