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  1. Has anyone here used this service? I understand there is a group at shonfeld who uses their methods to trade. It's kind of pricey. Is it worth the money? They seem to have a bunch of different strategies. Can anyone tell me anything about it?


    edit: I have already read the reviews here. I'm looking for someone who uses the monthly service. Basically, I'm trying to figure out why guys at shoney would be using it.
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    I have got Oliver Velez's Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader and also bought his DVDs. Have not paid for his seminar though. I feel his methodology has some merit and unlike other speakers----I attended the just finished Las Vegas Expo
    December 13-17, 2005 at the Paris Hotel and Casino. I found Oliver Velez free "seminar" as well as Lawrence McMillian to be of some value. Other speakers ended up selling their seminars and services right from the bat like Price Headley. People started walking out almost immediately when, he started with the pitch for his services right from the start!!! That was a big turn off. Also, other speakers talked in very general terms to be of any value to novice and beginning investors. I got something out of the "free" seminars as I had some knowledge about technical analysis, charts, etc. since, I have been attending seminars, reading books and studying since, April, 2005. So, I just listened, took some notes and compared it to the things I was doing and analyzed stock charts to validate what works and what doesn't!!! I think learning to invest and develop your own style is the key. I don't think you need to attend all these seminars but, get the books and DVDs and study on your own!!! I am sure there are more than a couple of successful traders out there and each one has his own style of trading!!!