Pristine Trading CD-Roms For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tradefreak, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Regular Price - $49 - All Original CD's with Original Cases - Perfect Condition

    Prefer to sell as a set - paypal only.


    Intra-Day Trading Techniques with Greg Capra
    The methods outlined by Greg Capra can be used to pinpoint higher probability opportunities in the market.
    Course Length: 1:46
    Price: $25

    Swing Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez
    Learn from industry pioneer and visionary, Oliver Velez, how to make swing trading an integral part of your trading plan.
    Course Length: 2:54
    Price: $25

    Guerrilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez
    Professional trader Oliver Velez will show you how he profits from the equity markets through a unique approach he terms “Guerrilla Trading.”
    Course Length: 2:36
    Price: $25

    Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez
    This groundbreaking course presents powerful methods for mastering the art of micro train with maximum precision.
    Course Length: 3:00
    Price: $25
  2. tradefreak..... how long have you been with pristine..... following their methods i mean. What is your opinion of them????