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    anyone know more details about oliver velez ousting greg capra?
  2. Yeah, I want to know too.
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    Well in the letter he says that he always maintained a 47% ownership in Pristine. I believe there were other owners, it would have been a simple enough task to get control of an additional 3.1% of the shares, and then he could pretty much do what he wanted.
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    Making an assumption that Greg and the other (minority) share holders were resp for ousting Oliver a couple of years ago , then Oliver must have somehow obtained his current majority shareholding from the very same shareholder(s) who voted against him....very strange.
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    its the greatest show on earth.....
  6. I will be tuned in for more e-mails from both Oliver and Greg. :)
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    Hi everyone. I have created a blog entitled "It's A Sad Day at Pristine". You can reach it by going to:

    I created it, in part, so that everyone who wants to know when Greg and Ron start a new venture can easily be reached from one source. To that end, on the opening page (the one with the 'melting' stock chart), near the bottom, is a link to my email address. Send me an email if you want to be contacted when there is some happy news. I have never worked for Pristine, nor, technically, ever been a "client", so I figured I'd be a good possible go-between. I have attended at least 100+ free workshops and been to both trading rooms for every free trial since March. So I am grieving along with the rest of you who have been with them for a long time.

    The other reason I started the blog is so there is a place for everyone to leave messages and information. There are 4 sections, one for comments about what Ron and Greg have meant to your trading education, one for news regarding the truth about what actually happened, one about Oliver and how you feel about what he's done, and finally, hopefully, news that Ron and Greg have started a new venture together.

    To view the comments made by others, click on the link that says "view comments". I thought the comments would all line up one under the other after my opening comments, but it didn't happen. So you have to click on the link to see them. It was my first attempt at making a blog... Hope you'll add your thoughts and news there.
  8. sneaky shill, tricks are for kids
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    Looks like you were a bit of a freeloader , so and I guess you are hoping for more of the same when/if Greg rises from the ashes?
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    I'm hoping the blog helps, in some small way, to repay them for their kindness. I regret not being able to take their classes, believe me, I wanted to. It was my loss.
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