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  1. Dieter


    Hi there,
    I am planing to get a proper Education in daytrading with equities.

    As I have seen, there are many companies around, I have made some 14 days free trial of Pristine Trading rooms online. It was interesting, how many things I have to learn and didnt have a clue about.

    One week I was in the Pristine Prop Trading room and their lead moderator Sami did a great job in explaining many things like trading Gaps, Shakeouts and so on...

    They offer a 5 day Prop Trading course, after that course you can decide between 3 Platforms: Lightspeed, Sterling and Fusion, and try to get up the stages. Stage 0= Paper trading, Stage 9= 5 Mio $ available.

    I am not so naiv, that its not a very theoretical thing to get there, but as a start it could be a good thing for me.

    By the way - the course is around 6k$ and they want to have a deposit of 2$...

    Pristine provides his Prop Trading opportunities through WTS Proprietary Trading Group, LLC,, and the international company for non-US residents is

    Is there anybody out there who can give me some actual information about the Pristine Prop Course and / or the combination of Pristine and WTS Prop trading ?

    Any input is appriciated very much - thank you in advance !!
  2. Dieter


    I will take contact there too and look which questions erase there.

    On the other hand I wanted to prove if there is a valid system behind the "famous" Pristine Prop trading program. I want to have somebody who now the insights and did it in the last couple of month for himself.

    Thank you
  3. This is not yet another Velez thread is it? Plenty of warnings already posted.

    Anyway, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

  4. Dieter


    Greg Capra, the CEO of Pristine, cut ties with him years ago because Oliver Velez wanted to engage in business practices that were not ethical and was co-founder of Pristine.

    Oliver was with Pristine at one point before all his legal battles and he would continue to use our name as an marketing tool because Pristine have a reputable and respected name. Pristine tried to legally stop him from saying he's affiliated but since he was indeed affiliated with Pristine and a co-founder, he can legally still say that he was. But there is no current connection what-so-ever and hasn't been for years.

    If he where, we would bin in the same legal trouble that he is in.

    This was the information about and I have not heard anything in the other Trading rooms or workshops anything about Olivier.

    I have read all connected posts in this forum and I wanted to go further in discussion about the Pristine Prop trading program without the suspition that Velez could be currently involved in Pristine business.
  5. OK, with all due respect to the others using the "pristine" name.. wouldn't you drop all references to such associates? No one would start a new company called the "edsel titanic trading group" right?

    If there is something of value, then start a new brand, right?


  6. "Our"?

    Was that a freudian slip?
  7. trading is never " pristine........"

    red flag.



  8. Dieter you seem pretty shady right out of the gate. you know way too much about them to be asking questions.
  9. EricP


    Oliver had a solidly established reputation for, shall we say, questionable character long before he left Pristine. This was with the full knowledge and approval of his long-time partner Greg Capra. Don't fool yourself into believing that Greg was an unknowing accomplice into what Ollie was doing over the years, or that the ethical shortcomings of the partnership were due to Ollie alone. That is not the case. The only thing I can say about Greg, is that I don't view him as being <b>as rotten</b> or <b>as untrustworthy</b> as Ollie. Ollie made a fine art of those attributes, while Greg merely was was indifferent to them.

    I would avoid them both like the plague.
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