Pristine ESP Alert System-any comments?

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    Have been offered several times recently use of its (Pristine) alert tracker. Wondered if anyone has any experience or comments about it?
  2. WOW...are those guys still in business??
  3. I use Pristine ESP. Saves me a ton of time. It has end of day scans, premarket gaps, intraday alerts, and a research web site to do stuff you wouldn't believe. I wouldn't/couldn't trade without it.
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    Going to one of their seminar this friday, I'll post my review here to let everyone know what I think of it.
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    As promised, I went to their seminar this friday in Irvine and I'm reporting what I have seen:

    1) Their presentation was pretty good, except that sometimes they had problem with the installations and slides.

    2) The presenter seemed to be very knowledgeable in Technical Analysis, but appeared not as experienced regarding certain daytrading materials (which makes me wonder whether they are perhaps former Institutional "Techies" instead of independent traders as they have claimed)

    3) The ESP seemed to rely on the use of RealTick Charts, but looks like a pretty good scanner as far as I can tell.

    4) I have no idea whether their training course is worth it or not because they did not really present any details at the seminar.

    Those are my opinions and would love to get feedback from people whom have taken their courses. At this point I don't know where I stand in determining if I should take them up on their offer.
  6. Carboxyl,

    ESP does not depend on any outside software like realtick (although you can integrate it with realtick). As for their ability and skill in daytrading, I can tell you the following:

    In the past 6 months I have done Pristines TPM1 and TPM2 seminars. TPM2 is presented by Greg Capra, one of the founders. I have taken a private mentorship with one of Pristines top traders, Paul Lange. I was with him for an entire week. He traded live all week long. He daytraded, swing traded, and long term traded. He is not an ex-institutional guy, he used to work for McDonalds. He was trained by Pristine. I'm now in a personal coaching program with Pristine.

    I've been trying to trade for over two years, losing time and money in the process. Since committing to a superior education, regardless of the cost, I have turned around my trading career. Pristine is professional, knowledgeable, and the people are caring and sincere. And in fact, the seemingly high cost of the education is beginning to appear nill compared to the benefits.

    As so many on this board have chosen to believe that any form of trading education must be from someone who cant' trade, I can tell you in absolute terms: Pristine trades and makes money. Lots of it. I have also been in their online trading room for about 6 months. All trades are called verbally, posted in print, and a daily record kept online. They consistently make real money.

    I have read hundreds of trading books, taken other seminars, and am above average in intelligence (college educated, 40 years old, ran own business over 20 years profitably, pilot, race sports cars professionally, etc etc.). What Pristine has taught me I would have never learned on my own.

    For those of you who berate worthy educational instutions and still aren't profitable, please, shut up. For those of you who figured it out on your own, please, realize you may have been lucky or very special indeed. Pristine makes it possible for anyone with the commitment (which is a very small group indeed, when you realize what the price to be paid is for that commitment) to make trading a career.

    Because of the doubt of certain people here, I am posting my name and address so you know I'm not affiliated with Pristine in any way. I've made this post because the people at Pristine have provided infinitely more that I expected or paid for, and perhaps this can help them just a little.

    Robert A. Hoffman
    PO Box 485
    Sullivan Wi 53178
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    I use ESP & have attended Pristine's trainings. Besides these I had other various trainings. I found Pristine is always update with market with their education & product. If I have no training, I'd start with Pristine education first. Even their broker Mastertrade is very good, provides lots of support & free educaton.

    ESP gives lots of real time alerts (beats Hottrend in my opinion). I like it a lot. It can be linked to Real Tick also.
  8. breezy1


    Robt, I read your post regarding Pristine and thank you for taking the time to give such a thorough report on them.

    So far I have only attended the free seminar and will do lots more reading and investigating before taking the first 2 day seminar. I was glad that you were so emphatic regarding the actual trading done by employee's of Pristine. I was impressed with the group that did the presentation. I was also impressed that several of the attendees were currently working with Pristine. Dan, a lawyer, and Bill did the presentation with input from several Pristine users that were in the audience. Thanks again, Breezy
  9. I never took the pristine class, but reviewed the material. It's similar to Wilders swing trading patterns.

    I visited the pristine branch in seattle 2 years ago and the Branch Manager told me that not many of the traders were making any money.

    I'm not going to knock pristine, but traders must realize that it's not some magical formula to make money. Traders have to pick a system and stick with it. Then they will realize it's more of a mental game (YOU ONLY BEAT YOURSELF).
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    I saw your question on the thread you started elsewhere but decided to address here since this would be the place you'd most likely find it.

    A lot of people pooh-pooh Pristine because Pristine doesn't provide a system as such, particularly the mechanical sort of system that so many people look for. I've noticed this in the Amazon book reviews as well; no matter how good a book may be, it's a complete waste of money to those who are looking for "tips" if it doesn't provide any.

    Pristine's interest lies more in explaining market dynamics. Yes, they have their setups. Doesn't everyone? But they are careful to explain that it is not the setup in and of itself that "works", and that if you don't understand why the setup is considered to be a setup in the first place, then you will likely have little if any success with it. After all, if you don't understand why it's supposed to work, you'll never be able to separate the low probability examples from the high probability examples of what seem to be the same setup.

    There is a wealth of free material at Pristine. Dig into the archives of, for example, the Trading Lesson of the Week and the Chart of the Week. As for seminars, I'm not a fan of them so I should probably keep my mouth shut. You may find a month's subscription to one of the trading rooms to be of greater benefit, certainly in the amount of time you'll spend with staff. You might also look into a month with Teresa Lo or Linda Raschke. I don't know offhand what Raschke charges, but Lo is only $175 a month, i.e., the entire market day from Monday through Friday. That's a deal.

    As for the Pristine pitch, I know that it irritates a lot of people, but I understood very quickly that these people really knew what they were talking about, so I simply tuned it out. Remember, though, that they provide a wide variety of services, not just one take it or leave it. Therefore, there may be something in all that that you would be willing to pay for. So don't block it all out without exception.

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