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  1. Anyone know if this place is worth my time or money?

    thx for your posts :)
  2. yes i do............ will tell when i have more time.
  3. lesson #1 never ever ever pay 1 cent to learn how to trade. my friends a mentor for a competitor and people spening 7k for 4 day class to learn to trade and its the biggest scam ever. he almost feels sorry for the people as they're almost broke when they come to him and have put it on there credit card. he's done at least 40 mentorings and not #1 has ever traded full time. take your 5-10k you'd spend and sign up with a daytrading frim who'll teach you to trade. if one not in your area go rent a extended stay hotel room and go to a an area were there is an office and learn it that way. it's cheaper than 7k and you'll learn 100-1 over any of these scams
  4. Ebo


    I would not spend a dime on Oliver Velez and his Pristine methodology. I heard him speak once at a trading Expo, The guy is a Short Sale.

    Buy a few good books on TA and paper trade for a few months.
  5. AYFKM?

    is this a serious question?

    do a search man.
  6. Ok heres the deal.... if you have absolutely no trading knowledge whatsoever..... then i say sure... they' not bad at all.. Get their free services.... maybe get a few CDs. They will help you alot as far as risk control/money management. They are also good in instilling the psychological aspects of trading.

    Will you make $$$ after you learn their methods??..... NOPE!
    But its a good foundation to have...before you learn the mkts on your will keep you "alive" in this game long enough to start making $ in a few years.

    Don't bother with the high priced stuff like seminars etc.
    Pristine claims to be masters of the market.... but they are now what i call masters of marketing. They have changed.... snakish type oil seeping in....

    Once you have a good idea on how trading works.... you really don't need them. I was stuck in 14 straight months of not making any money, until i finally went my own way... and the $$ started coming in. The question is... was it because of Pristine i went so long without making $... or was it because of Pristine i went so long with out any big losses and lots of break evens...keeping me alive.......

    Bottom line...try it and decide for your self..... but i agree with what has been said on the above.... people spending $3000 for a seminar.... or $350 a month for a trading room is bullshit.
    (I spent around $7000 with them... hee hee:D :( :( )

    Maybe if i had spent just a little more i could've received one of their "diplomas"
  7. When it comes to trading, the old adage "Those who can't do, teach"

    Now if a trader is successful, why waste time runnigna full time teaching operation?


    You run a firm that trades for a living, then you teach.
  8. Don't waste your money on Oliver.

  9. I knew someone who went to work with the firm as a "come to your house" onsite mentor. Lets just say in the 2 years I saw him trade before that he never made a dime, drove a broken down car, and seemed to be really just scraping by. Now to go to their site and see him on there as a mentor really solidified my thoughts on that firm as I think the cost was 5K of 7K. I wonder what the person thought when he rolled up in his old beater car to tell them how to trade a make a lot of money. I would have loved to see that.
  10. I heartily recommend Pristine. It is excellent training for those I wish to take the other side of my trades.
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