Pristine chatrooms - worth $750? or no..?

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  1. i am wondering, there are many talks about chatrooms, is pristine chatroom good for $750 each month?

    also i see performance page not current.. many months old, and many are 50/50 if i read it right...

    is it good for traders? how much should they be for this room?
  2. Hmm...gee...if these guys were such market wizards, don't you think they'd spend all their time trading (b/c they are so so so good at it) instead of trying to sell their "canned expertise"?

    These guys (and frankly, I don't have any experience with them other than reading one of their books - "Tools and Tactics..." and it was generally pretty useless) have realized that they will make ALOT more money selling a product than they ever will trading - and with ALOT less risk.

    The thing I hate about them is how they claim all sorts of bullshit like how they invented the moving average, etc...shit, if I could convice people that I was worth $500/hour to teach them how to trade, I'd much rather do that than trade!!!

    They're laughing all the way to the bank! Where's SL4CEO? He'll tell you all about it.
  3. Yet nothing intelligent nor decisive ever came from dear sl4ceo, but definitely thought provoking...
    such as...________________(fill in the blank)
  4. I think they warped SL4 back up...unfortunately, it looks like we will be without his services for some time to come. Luckily, however, there is still Somehow, they have managed to avoid recruitment by superior beings.
  5. "evasive stok-by-stock analysis"????????

    What the hell is that?
  6. You can't compare sl4ceo to Pristine...

    sl4 may have said...
    Has Pristine any such insightful language?
  7. i see their ads in magazines, so i think they are big company .. do not know if anyone has used their services? what do you think?
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    Is Pristine worth $750 a month? Is that the question? Well. I guess it is, since someone is paying it.

    But I thought that you wanted to do this trading thing to be independent - to be your own man. And now you want someone to hold your hand, and tell you what to do?

    You don’t really want to be a trader, you just hate your job! I don’t think you really have what it takes. Where’s the passion? Where’s the drive? You come in here with your hat in your hands asking if Pristine can bail you out.

    Sure guy, go ahead give them your money – it might work for you, but it probably won’t. You’ll end up blaming them for lousy calls, and then go looking for someone else to tell you what to do.

    These are not the traits that lead to success in the market. I know it’s not what you want to hear. I suspect that I may have insulted you. But you asked the question, and I gave you an honest answer.
  9. I happen to have learned A LOT from pristine. More in fact than all the books, web-sites and other seminars put together. It may not work for you, but don't bash it because of that. What works for you works, what doesn't, doesn't. You don't need to spend $750/month. Pristine offers a chat room for $250 with daily postings. They have been incredibly profitable, really try to help, are very educational, and to me: they really seem to care. You can also get a free trial for free for a week. All I can tell you is that if it wasn't for pristine, I wouldn't be trading, much less profitable. What they teach is a methodology that works (if you follow it, do the homework, etc.) Their instructors actually trade everyday. They give specific calls, set and update stops in real time, share their mistakes, explain their thought processes,etc. Try it for a week and see for yourself.
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    couldn't have said it better! _BUT_,


    Iff (if and only if) you are going to these things to learn, and in your heart you _KNOW_ that this is not the way you want to trade, mostly because you are ashamed of it, but you do need to make money, then go for a month or two and get it out of your system. But then, try trading on your own for at least as long as you gave a chat room, and no peeking.

    To quote Don Bright, trading is as simple or as hard as you make it. I believe that you can learn to trade in a month, then learn to break even in six. If you can do this on your own, you _WILL_ succeed as long as you want it bad. If after six months to a year of _FULL_TIME_ trading, you don't get it, reasses your decision to make a living from the markets.

    I know of people that have made million(s) two or three times, blown it all, came back, then "got it." This was their way of getting it - yours is as personal as the unique person that you are.

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