Prisonstocks on the rise

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    "Wall Street has taken notice of the potential growth in the industry. The stock of Corrections Corp. has climbed to $53.77 from $42.50, an increase of about 27 percent, since February when President Bush proposed adding to spending on immigrant detention.

    Geo's stock rose about 68 percent in the period, to $39.24 a share from $23.36."
  2. What do we do after the news?
  3. Given, there plan is to imprison the entire planet, this should come as no surprise.

    This was a huge tip (prison stocks in general) back around late '98, guess they 'd have done well.

    edit-leonphelps, after the news, dont get arrested:)
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    Actually, if you check GEO's chart, it doubled since March, so the big move came WAY after '98, because of the Bush announcement...

    The trend is still sure up, I don't think it is late to load up on them....
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    sector play on population explosion are prison, funeral and drug stocks.
  6. Very nice find :), strong uptrend.
  7. Yes, <b>freedom</b> is a good solid short.
  8. Thats not have the freedom to do anything.

    Except be free.

    FWIW, i wasnt reffering to a specific stock, just read some stuff about someone looking at the figures under the clinton admin, which some moonbat suggested would be "bad" for the sector, and the looming likelihood of a commieservative admin.
  9. They have prison stocks now?:eek:
    How about border patrol stocks? They're getting their asses whooped by the Mexicans though, they need to be more competitive.