Prison system a costly, harmful failure:

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  1. The problem is: The Juvenile Justice System!!!! You can be poor and a dysfunctional parent and care about your children but there aren't any consequences nor political guts/will in programs that work nor enough probation officers or social services to help. Why would anyone expect that adult prisons would be a success.
  2. It's failure for most but a HUGE success for some.

    CRN, CXW and GEO are just some of our wonderful benefactors.
  3. Another thought, I have no stats to back this up (I've looked around a bit) but I get the distinct impression many more crimes are being classified as felonies that once were misdemeanors in a get tough on crime stance.

    Felons are barred from many jobs. The jobs that are availble for felons, the employers can be sued for hiring a convict if for some reason your employee engages in an act the a lawyer can find fault.
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    Welfare subsidizes crime, the prison system is a gladiator-crime school, drugs are illegal... of course we have lots of crime!! Somebody wants it that way.

    Make drugs legal, change welfare so it can't be gamed... end of problem..... Not likely to ever happen though.
  5. Yes, I agree, but the big problem is the culture. When thugs like the so-called Jenna 6 are lionized and treated as heroes and celebrities, it tells you all you need to know about the problem.
  6. And yet, illegal immigrants have NO trouble finding jobs. [​IMG]

    If the purpose of the system is to rehabilitate, then why deny a man the ability to get a job when he is released?

    If the true purpose is to only punish, then why not hand out lashes, beheadings, and torture like other countries do?

    We can't have it both ways.
  7. If an illegal immigrant can find his way from Mexico to ny, no need to ask him if he has transportation to get to work. They figure it out.
  8. This pretty much sums it up.

    The latter is the status quo for this world. The punishments are thought to create order though fear. And this perpetuates the beast. It's important to understand that the world is for punishment from it's very inception, and is designed to perpetuate itself through injustice, which is how the system is set up.

    It is assumed that everyone is guilty and deserving of some kind of punishment. It's only a matter of time before your number is up. An endless stream of laws will insure you get caught for something sooner or later.

    They call it the "criminal justice system". You can now hear radio commercials advertising for vocational schools that will train you for positions in the "fast growing field of criminal justice".

    The criminal justice system is an assault on those in prison and those not yet officially in prison. The punishments are meant to threaten the public into behavioral modification through fear.

    Nothing new under the sun.

    It's important to put things in perspective when working toward a solution, which will never be found in the status quo.

    True justice is fair to all parties concerned in a way that no one loses. The status quo requires a loser. As a result, most everyone loses except some stocks that thrive on the system.

    If you emptied all the jails tomorrow, you would still have losers...those who appear to have been victims, and those who will likely become victims.

    And yet, all the jails must be emptied in order for there to be true justice.

    The solution is a series of miracles. A miracle creates a win-win situation for all parties concerned. If someone has been physically injured, then the injuries must be healed. If a victimizer is mentally compromised, that injury must be repaired in a way that there will be no recidivism if let out of jail. If someone has been killed, they must be raised from the dead and restored to their previous state without regrets...and so on and so forth. You cannot limit a miracle in it's ability to restore everyone to a win-win situation.

    The thinking minds of this world are not able to fathom what those kinds of solutions would look like.

    A politician would not be able to offer such solutions. In a way, it's in their best interest not to really offer solutions.

    But a Christ could solve this problem, and empty all the jails in the country in a very short period of time.

    You are a little short handed on Christ's these days. Unfortunately, there are no schools that are training anyone to be a Christ. There are certainly positions available, given the rising number of problems needing to be solved.

    The government could perhaps help by subsidizing a few Christ schools. All it really takes is one Christ to get the job done. If there were several schools set up, the chances that a Christ would emerge from one of them sooner than later would be increased.

    Ah, but with separation of State and reason, that might not happen soon. So it is up to each prospective Christ to school him/herself if interested in a great vocation.

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