Priscilla Chan just made $9.5 billion dollars today!

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  1. Not sure how it works in the states, but in Canada the 50% that everyone talks about is assets accumulated during marriage. Assets brought into the marriage are GENERALLY excluded. This could be why he married the day after the IPO.
  2. the IPO didn't change his networth THAT much. he was already a muli-billionare before the IPO.

    but the bigger question is, with his options why is he marrying her?? He should join his buddy Saverin in singapore and chill with those hot models.
  3. You guys don't understand autism.Being with a supermodel would just make him uncorfortable and insecure.
  4. Doesn't California community property only extend to increases in net worth after marriage? There is also a pretty good chance there is a prenup.

    Seems to me the kid had a pretty good week. Hard to call him an "idiot" as he was called in this post. He's been with the girl a long time and presumably knows what will make him happy. I also respect that he planned it as a party not a media affair.
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    This is a pretty cynical thread, so let me appeal to the cynic in you: there are too many diseases floating around out there that will change your pecker into something unusable. Be careful. Find someone you can screw for the rest of your life and settle down before you catch something real.
  6. Lol. This tells a lot about Zuckerberg and tells a lot about you.
  7. You are a smart person.

    Fucking a human could be riskier than fucking your garbage can. No joke. Just brutal truth.
  8. being in love is wonderful. When you go someplace new, you are always looking for a nice gift in any shop. At night you can watch movies and hope the man and woman finally get together. Valentines Day is the best day of the year. Everybody should be in love as often as possible and hopefully only once with the right woman. Sex is a poor substitute for love.

    I doubt any woman could ever get me to fall in love again, but it was sure great, even the best times of my life when I was in it.
  9. well, I agree, it's best to have sex with a string of hotties first and then fall in love rather than doing it the other way around

    Faithfulness is underrated. Being faithful to one woman and forsaking all others is the most erotic experience a man (or more accurately a man and a woman) could ever have.
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