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  1. I have received a number of PMs asking me to post the following information, because people are having difficulty finding it.

    Suggestion # 2185, in IB's New Features Poll, says the following:

    IB customers who wish to vote for this suggestion can find it at the following link:
    Go to the tab marked "All Categories" and click it. Then use the "sort by" box to sort by "rating". Then scroll down the list until you find suggestion #2185, which will most likely be on the first or second page.

    People are asking me to post a direct link to the suggestion, but this seems to be impossible, because of the way the features poll is designed.
  2. just21


    I hope IB are introducing portfolio margining on April 2nd.
  3. Tums


    IB definitely has misplaced priorities.

    e.g. the little X on each tab of the TWS.

    Every time I click on the tab, a little window pops up to ask if I want to delete it.

    WHY do they put the X on the tab?

    WHAT do they think TWS is?

    TWS is NOT Internet Explorer or FireFox.

    WE DO NOT open new tabs and delete old tabs the same way we browse the internet.

    When we create a page on the TWS, it is there to stay. If we want to delete it, we can right click the tab to delete it.

    NOW EVERYBODY has to endure that X because someone thinks TWS should be like IE and FireFox.
  4. moron28


    Maybe they were getting complaints from users of some pariah system that only have one mouse button and cannot "right-click" without the use of both hands?
  5. zdreg


    I disagree. anything that saves a click is useful. let this be your biggest problem with IB.

    the fact that jim felt he had to start this thread shows that the opinion poll needs to be improved.
  6. Please, this is not a general-purpose IB bashing thread, or a general-purpose new features suggestion thread. The thread topic is suggestion #2185 in the IB New Features Poll. General criticisms of IB, outside of #2185, are off-topic. If you want to post such off-topic criticisms, please start a separate thread. If you have something to say about suggestion #2185, either for or against or in between, then please post it in this thread. Thank you.
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    Go to global configuration-click display-uncheck "display close icon in tabs" - apply and it's gone !
  8. Thanks taodr, forced to upgrade to 868 to find the "off" option but worth it. :)

    Back to Jim's purpose in starting the thread:

  9. I think its harder to find if you sort by rating. If you sort by "date added" then they are in numerical order and it is easier to find.(jmho)
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