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  1. Hi,
    I have both brokers. I am trading using Schwab but i also use the Scottrade's T&S window. I am starting to read the tape. Today is a strange day for me because Schwab printed so many duplicates. For example, scottrade showed a 5000 share lot. Schwab would print 2 or 3 5000 shares lots. This happened many times today. Does anyone have this experience with Schwab? Is this a mistake? Thanks.
  2. I get no replies. The reason that i am asking is because i read a post made by Deeman. That maybe the duplicates are a result of multiple sellers and buyers? What i see is 4 or 5 such lots at a time on Schwab that did not appear in Scottrade. That doesn't seem right. So maybe anyone that have experience with Schwab can chime in.
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    I use Scottrade Elite, SSE and TOS. I cannot address T&S because I have not compared them. I will say that from a data perspective Scottrade has done a good job by my comparisons.

    SSE has TotalView, which is far superior to the junk that TOS feeds as "level 2 quotes".

    Elite has not only TotalView but also OpenBook.

    TOS lacks those level 2 quotes, and the T&S sometimes substantially lag what is shown in the TotalView window on SSE.

    Are you using SSE at Schwab?
  4. Yes. I am using Schwab SSE. Schwab's T&S isn't very good. Scottrade aggregates the shares. It also has the seconds hh:mm:ss.

    If those lots appear in Schwab, it should also appear in Scottrade. Not sure why Scottrade didn't capture those shares. Strange.
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    perhaps due to order internalization within SCH?