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  1. Just wanted to share a simple tip. A lot of times I see nice charts posted here which I love to print out for further study. However most of the attached charts have a black background which doesn't print out that well. I found that if you open it with Microsoft Paint, you can invert the colors and the background will show up as white and it will print a lot better.
  2. I loathe the high cost of printer cartridges. Usually I can refill them and save a lot of money. However my HP 940C printer started flashing an error code indicating that I had to change the print cartridge. No matter what, even after refilling the cartridge, resetting the printer etc. it still wouldn't work. It still kept flashing so I went to get another print cartridge.

    The print cartidge was $55. Wow, I was getting fed up with HP and thought maybe I should try an Epson printer. However I read that Epson is rigging their cartridges with circuitry that won't allow you to refill them. So for $99 I got another HP printer that has two full cartridges and prints better than my old printer. It would have cost $99 just to buy a new color and B&W cartridge.
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    Most refill sets now a days have a gadget
    to disable the new epson circuitry. So there should be no prob. refilling the epson cartridges.

    You might want to look at this site for
    printer suplies:
  4. FYI - if you're printer driver has a halftone color adjustment option (if it's there, you usually have to click the Advanced button on the Layout tab) it will open a control panel where one of the options is "Negative".

    Checking it will invert the color rendering. It's also useful for correcting for overly dark pictures and making other color/brightness rendering adjustments if you need to.