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    This has reference to the following review thread (Deciding on a Backtesting and Trading Platform), wherein people requested for the reviews to be given as word files or PDF's.

    I am going to supply the PDF files of the review of all the products so that they can be printed and read without being broken up by posts in between.
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    Here is the first PDF review for TradeStation. Please have a look and comment.
  3. Gyles


    Here is the second PDF review for Metastock. Please have a look and comment.
  4. Gyles


    Here is the third PDF review for Trading Blox. Please have a look and comment.
  5. Gyles


    Here is the fourth PDF review for AmiBroker. Please have a look and comment.
  6. Hello Gyles:

    Of all the software you reviewed, what woudl you recommend to do the following

    Run a series of tests, each with about 200 iterations, on 5 or more markets, with 10 different signals or trading systems

    After the above is done, produce performance listing of all results: for each signal, for each iteration, for each market, ALONG with the corresponding variables for each test line

    Allow me to select various iterations to be displayed on individual
    charts; or even if I want to rerun the selected iterations and display a chart with entries and exits.

    Run the tests on say 1-minute data, but have the Buys and Sells
    displayed on 5,15, or even daily data

  7. Thanks for posting the reviews. Will the TradersStudio one be posted soon ?.

    I would like to buy a product within the next month. Also what data vendor would you choose Gyles.
  8. av68


    I am looking for some direction to platforms that will allow me to backtest with posion sizing models as well as entry and exit parameters. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Gyles


    Sincere apologies for the delay.

    Here is the fifth PDF review for TradersStudio. Please have a look and comment.
  10. Gyles


    This post has reference to the following part in TradersStudio:

    First Part of the Set of “Review of TradersStudio”

    TradersStudio Concepts Part 3

    Reports relating to above:

    • Session level report, opening range (in this post)
    • Percent margin plan, (in next post)
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