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    the program i am using, is not allowing me to print charts.... however i would like to print charts at the close when i review my trades for the day... is there a third party software that i may download, that will allow me to view charts and print them with out having to pay for any service or support???
  2. Hi dgmodel,

    Lots of free good screen capture programs that you can print from within after you capture the image you want.

    A great user friendly and fast program is Xnview at

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    thank you very much... greatly appreciated...
  4. This program is great but can it capture an entire chart or image that is spread out over multiple monitors? I can't get it to do this, have you?
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    Light years from an expert but I've never seen anything that can capture multiple screens.

  6. Banjo I found a screen capture tool that will do just that, and it's FREEWARE.

    Easy to use too, just enclose the image you want to capture by dragging the edges of program, and all is captured.

    Captured a chart in its entirety that was spread over four monitors!

  7. I don't use any special software to do this. I just hit the printscreen key on my keyboard and then paste the image (one big, combined image from multiple monitors) into one of my imaging programs. Maybe it has something to do with the ATI video drivers.
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    thank a lot everyone greatly appreciated...
  9. "prnt scrn" works great too. Just paste into any of the image/painting programs that come with windows.
  10. Hi project86,

    Yes, you can capture images across multiple monitors.

    I use it on one computer with 2 monitors and on another computer with 3 monitors.

    Here's how:

    Simultaneously hold down the following keys...CRTL and Print Screen.

    This makes a copy of your entire desktop...capturing the desktop across all monitors. up Xnview and go into the FILE menu...then into "Import Clipboard"...

    that will put your image in Xnview and you can save it any way you want.

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