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    Plastic guns have been around for a long time. They go through security undetected. They have been expensive but this idea makes them workable at a somewhat lower cost. Printers that can make them are ~$10,000
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    Well, the issue here is more legal than economical. What is the point of any gun regulation, if you can make your own?
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    1) the only "point" is eventual confiscation
    2) You don't need a 3-D printer to make a firearm.
  6. Cops have guns and so do criminals. Always been that way. Cops have better training with weapons for the most part and should be pretty confident in their use and their own safety. So why all the drama?

    Imo, what has changed in recent years is LEO's ability to use their weapon to protect themselves and others. Probably have to write a report in you draw your weapon, you could lose your job if you fire it. The possibilty of going to jail. A law suit. A felony conviction, etc.

    If you give a cop a gun and limit it's use, the only other option is to make a federal case out of a 2d gun ( a drawing in school of a gun by a 5th grader, for example), criminalize legit owners, etc because the fear of law enforcement is not only from the recieivng end of a gun and being dead but being alive in jail.

    The only way to solve this situation is to take away our guns and law enforcement will feel safe again.
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    Pek, you know we have these places called gun stores that sell guns. And the Constitution guarantees our rights to own firearms. Composite guns are nothing new.

    It's just people like you and other anti-gun nuts who ballistic over this sort of news.
  8. Well enjoy your cavity search when you go into any courthouse etc, well unless you're a saudi citizen then you get a "most trusted" status.

    Lets just call it affirmative action for terrorists shall we? :eek:
  9. Awww. Poor disenfranchised white man.:D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Did you know that 11% of police shootings involve an innocent bystander being shot - by the police?
    Only 2% of self defense private citizen shootings have the same result.

    You hear about the cop who unintentionally discharged a revolver inside a major airport last year? Pennsylvania I think it was.

    Or how about the off duty Detroit policeman who was dancing with a women who ended up in the hospital with a GSW?

    Or how about the SWAT team member who left a department M16 in his personal pickup truck, only to have it stolen right from under his nose.? Also last year, in California I believe.
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