Princeton's Paul Krugman Wins Nobel Economics Prize

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  2. Pants down around our ankles, Vaseline at the ready?
  3. Nobel Prize has been a joke for years. Gore got one for promoting a farce called global warnming or was it for inventing the internet? I forget.

  4. What's coming Daal?

  5. Free artificial leg for everyone !
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    Alfred Nobel never created a prize for economics, so this award is basically not a Nobel at all.
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    I agree with you except for when you said arbitrage. If the government has a good arb play, why not? I don't think that's going to happen. Every time the government or Fed makes a move, they actually create arb opportunities rather than profit from them.

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    Lets say krugman is right and people can save money with public universal healthcare instead of private so there is an arb opportunity.
    Just how often you think the government will get right trying to arbitrage the market given that they can't beat the sp500 to save their lifes?
    If the regulatory system were run by warren buffett, I would be all for it. if he ever did something big the odds that the market is wrong are overwhealming.

    Yet krugman wants underpaid morons to run an uncle sam hedge fund to try to help the common good. Meanwhile any guy who has any clue about when the market is wrong and which regulation is needed is on the private sector colecting $5m bonuses..

    Soros is another one who want the current cast of monkeys trying to figure out whats the next thing the market will massively misprice or to do public arbritrage
  10. Good to see Krugman win it. Of course no one is going to read what he wrote so it's attack time on his views.

    Why the hell is Luskin quoted? That guy has quite a history: Yeah, That Worked Out Well. Why anyone would quote one of the cronies on Kudlow and Cronies is unfathomable.

    I think Krugman should tone down the support for the Europeans and their "no fail" policy as we've seen what happens when guarantors take on bad debt, ie Ambac and MBIA. Countries shouldn't evolve into hedge funds.
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