Princeton FX traders

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  1. This was emailed to me. I have no idea about this group and this is not an endorsement---just thought someone may have interest in exploring:


    ps. it is one of my favorite places, however---particullarly presently. HA!
  2. Aah, my old stomping grounds, next door to Micawber Books (RIP).

    Looking at the Association's name itself, hope they are better traders than spellers. ;)

  3. Princeton is very nice. Last time I was there, I had a great time!
  4. KS2007


    did anyone here go to Princeton University?

  5. :D
  6. What did you do there recently? :)

  7. something exceedingly enjoyable! what about you?

  8. Actually, I met a good boy there. He's a-okay...
  9. Grad school.
  10. Aren't bad boys more fun?...

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