prince william..

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  1. what country would he go to? if needed to escape?
  2. do you mean escape as in 'get away from it all for a while' ?
    or do you mean escape in order to save his life ?

    what is it you think he has to escape from ?

    if you mean escape from a threat to his life in the UK, it's Very doubtful he'd seek to
    'escape'; it just isn't done

    mind you if it was me: Canada, Australia, USA
  3. About 10 years ago he went an lived with a family in Peru. No one new who he was. THey don't have television.
  4. Lucrum


    If SWINGTRADER77 would stop bringing him up, I probably wouldn't know who he is either. :)
  5. Yes- to start a new life etc..?

    Wouldnt be a Anglo-saxon country (English speaking)