Prince Philip - Banned

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Spitfire, May 10, 2004.

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    Can you believe they banned the good old Prince?????


    PP would like me to pass on his regards to

    steve 44

    All the above are singulalry extremely sucessful traders who know exactly what they are talking about.

    Where as PP was never any good at trading, had only been doing it for 10 days and consistently lost money.
  2. Oh what a pity I just put him in my ignore list :D. What I fear is that he will resurrect : please can you tell him to notify so that I can do the necessary change :p

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    I am sure he just gutted. Now answer the question Harry - did you put a trade on, and did you make money.?
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    wrong time zone - but I have e mail
  5. Believe it or not I did not move this thread to chit chat.
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    But you had him banned, right?
  7. I told Baron about my displeasure with him. And that got him banned.
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    Why were you so displeased with him? He was one of the actual real traders for goodness sake.

    I know about the Nazi stuff ( You should know PP is a vet) - it can't be that, surely?
  9. I actually made the complaint before today. The stuff today was the final straw.

    Attacking moderators is not the way to a long ET life.

    You should know that by now.
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    So you can sprout endless garbage on here, including giving extremely dubious trade recommendations, not know what you are talking about, mislead those who know no better, but if we irritate you guys off, you ban - just like that.

    Do you honestly think this is the way forward?
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