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    Prince Charles gives weather forecasting a try.....

    Insert, "the economy is so bad that....." joke here..... :D
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    True, you have to love that man, pure class.
  4. Prince Charles on BBC weather.

    He's hoping the reign will end.
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    Harry is the ugly ginger one,William is the bald blonde one- terrible genes if u ask me
  6. Maybe thats a good thing , if it would stop the British from engaging in foolish wars. I read that even the Queen called off the Xmas party for the palace servants because of lack of funds.
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  9. Gotta feel sorry for him. He's been waiting patiently for so long to be King while his mom has pretty much lost 75% of the british empire under her rule. Colonies like Hong Kong, kuwait, the bahamas, Singapore, mauritius, Seychelles and a whole host of african countries. Right now her net worth is less than half the net worth of that woman that wrote the harry potter books. If a King had taken charge of England, its likely the royal family would be receiving yearly income that would be at least twice their net worth every year, or more. Also, England wouldn't be in so much debt today because when its YOUR wealth, you dont overspend. When its the "governments" wealth, you don't care if you overspend. By the time he becomes King, the royal family might be on foodstamps.
  10. I would love to hear a rational and coherent theory that would justify this statement or is this you hating on the womenfolk again.
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