Prince Charles v Bush the Turd

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Georgie & Charlie - best of pals?

  1. waste of uk & us tax payers money

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  2. bush will do a massive u turn on all his policies

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  3. charles will get pissed at bushs stupidity and run off

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  4. bush is trying to shag camilla

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  1. uh-huh, thanks ac.

    But, Charles is the Prince of Wales, and Bush - like it or not - is the President of the United States.

    We're just plain ole citizens on a chat board.


    Learn it. Live it. Love it. :D
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  2. Whoa, now there's some quick edit'een pard-ner!

    Unseen component of hap's post;
    "We're just plain ole citizens on a chat board."

    Ok, that wasnt unseen, it was a late edit i suppose-

    Yes indeedy-do. Seriously, he is an architecture buff, and the skyline of many industrialised nations could benifit from his unique, well thought out, and often controversial ideas on architecture.
    But i'll bet my boot's (i dont own any boots) he could'nt put on a decent bar-B-cue if he were paid to. And he is paid-just not to put on bar-B-cue's.
    Which is a shame, in terms of british cuisine.
    Not that they have any.

    Yes, you can make fun of charle's ginormous ears as much as you want, but at the end of the day, he's aristocracy dont you know.
    They arent SUPPOSED to know how to turn up a spread 'o grilled beef, it's the gamekeeper's job to fry up the delights of week old grouse, aged venison with quail sauce and the like.
    Being a measly president , not entitled to hereditary positions........
    HEY, WAIT a minute!!!!????
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  3. And your point is.....? Are we not "just plain ole citizens on a chat board," or are you aristocracy?

    One word (and learn it, live it, and love it) - decaffeinated.
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