Prince Alwaleed Lost $4 Billion This Year.

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  1. Well, it's not like he did a lot of hard work to earn the billions in the first place.

    I read that there were 7000 members of the royal family on the gov payroll each year.
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    2nd richest man "Mukesh Ambani" lost $35 billion+ this year (if I am correct)

    Now he is begging for financial help from banks & investment companies so that he can sustain/run his business.

    In fact all the billionaire industrialists worldwide are in the same position as that of Mukesh Ambani (begging for financial help)
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  4. The year ain't over yet. Eight trading days left in the year, anything can happen.
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    This means many more Multi-billion dollar's beggars
  6. It figures the top 3 losers are indians, their stock market plunged. Only a year ago it was roaring and they were 3 in the top 10 richest people. Their wealth was the emerging market bubble, now gone.
  7. You guys think these fat cats knew about put options?