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  1. Primerica has to be one of the most explosive stock I ever had the pleasure of buying. Since the IPO start price of 15 dollars spring of 2010, the stock is now 25 dollars a share an is on the rise.
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    This stock? Looks like a pretty bumpy ride if you bought at the IPO. I'd be selling now. There's a lot resistance just under 26.

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  3. Yes it has resistance, I think all stocks have that. But when you talking about a company that has 6 billion dollars in assets, the stocks will be bound to rise. I do understand why some people may want to trade.

    I am just one of those trades that stay in the trade for the long run because with my experiences I have made more money overtime staying with in a trade with a company that makes more money then it spends.
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    Yes, that strategy worked well with WAMU and Enron.

    ps: I don't see the point of your post. Is it supposed to be a recommendation to buy PRI now or are you simply boasting? If it's a buy recommendation, PRI is too risky at this point, and if it's boasting, I can see in the chart where IPO buyers took a lot of heat and suffered significant draw down. Either way, I am not impressed.
  5. How much is 2% (management fee) of 6 yards? And what are the prospects of that amount to increase?
  6. Primerica is a pyramid so maybe their weekly goal is to push the stock on message boards.
  7. Who cares it is a 3d triangle. It is made for some people and not for others. It is great for people with an entrepeneur mind that dont have the capital to make it big.
    Nothing good or bad.
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    i've been on their meeting once..probably 10 years ago or's no different than this-


    i checked the prices for similar products and services...PRI's shit is waaay overpriced(for obvious reasons-everyone in the chain gotta have their piece and you(the seller) will receive the least). it is a pyramid,where you have to sign and sell the shit for your own relatives first and they have to sell to someone else and so on..if this kind of business can legally exist and traded @ major exchange in US-well..what can i say...what a some third world places you will be jailed for this shit..
  9. @ Roark my post point is clear and present. No one should have to wonder and no I don't work with or for Primerica. As far as WAMU and Enron, these companies were not in business for over 35 years. Primerica has been in business and operating on it's own without public offerings up until April 1st 2010.

    For a company to once again have6 billion dollars in assets and only been on the stock market for less than a year is good.

    I don't know your trading system but mine has been great for me and my family. I have not worked for anyone in 5 years now and I owe it to my trading system.

    To think I have some other motive is obnoxious. It is obvious that you have some motive. Posting a chart does explain everything about this stock.

    @ brownsfan019, you really don't know much about the company to think it is a pyramid.

    To anyone who view this post. My intentions was to recommend this stock and that was all. If you don't believe me do your own research and don't get caught up with the chart that only tell one side of the story.
  10. yeah he def works for them lol.
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