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  1. Dear all,

    Anybody knows what is the min. account requirement to use prime brokerage services in an investment bank being as an institutional investor ? How much does it charge to have a FIX connection enabled ? and how much if we need the ibank developers to implement a given strategy ? What about the operational costs ? Monthly ? Yearly ? I notice that some non-IB also offer institutional service such as Big 4, ECNs or others.. what will be the differences ? Thanks in advance !!

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    I learned from a friend that FIMAT london requires a 250K min. account and you must also be a registered company. They do not take individual customer accounts because of the credit lines that are issued. This friend of mine only trades the Forex. From what he said, as a person, he doesn't have the collateral and/or credit line.
  3. Hi, what about just getting a company registration without the business with it ? Even with real business there may not be any asset having much values..
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    I agree, however that is the information that was passed to me.

    Basically that is what CTA are.... They are registered as a company and also with the NFA. Maybe register as a LLC. or LLP. and meet the min. account requirement.
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    Also, you may want to check some other FCMs out. Though prime brokerage offers tight spreads and low transaction costs, you might be able to negotiate this based on the account size and trade history.

    Maybe using a Currenex white label partner...
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    Worth noting that for Currenex its "white label partners" have retail brokers inside .. among them Gain Capital (Forex), and Man Financial are quite famous .. the account size req is low and can also gain access to ECN directly..

    qtip.. mind to tell what CTA / FCM stands for ? thanks.
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    Sure.... CTA = Commodities Trading Advisor
    FCM = Futures Commission Merchant