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  1. Heh, I was in the pb business for quite a while, before the explosion over the last 2-3 years.

    However, keep in mind that regardless of how much PB people get paid, they are still no where near the income level for HF managers, prop desk traders at ibanks, ibankers, and some structurers. PB is a good business, a great business, but the profit margin generated by PB is still not at the level of ROI of a prop desk or an ibank group, PB revenues are much less volatile (compared to ibanking), and much less risky (compared to prop desks), which is why ibanks are all chasing them.
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    rufus...where were you? how was the experince? I am at an IDB, but would like to move on in a few years. what are some of your thoughts?
  3. Hmm, link didn't seem to work for me.
  4. wha is IDB? israel discount bank?
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    IDB is interdealer broker. If big institutions or MM's need to liquidate large amounts, they use IDBs. check out tullet, eurobrokers, cantor...all IDBs. ICAP is the largest..moves csomething like $1 trillion per day.

    I do Emerging markets in Latin America. We dont take risk...but i would like to one day.
  6. ok, understand. a lot of consolidation in that industry lately.
    what is the payout like doing exotics if you dont mind me asking.
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    the rookies in NYC do about 80 base up to 120+ with bonus. Managing director probably around 1.5. A good guy on an EM desk maybe does 250-500?? that is whith 5+ years and a good client base. I live in central america, so my pay is shite. that is a long story though.