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  1. I inquired Currenex about opening accunt with them, and they said I need to have Prime Broker account. What is prime broker account? Is it really required large fund to open such account? Can someone tell me what is the best way to opn Prime Brker Account? Thank you.
  2. cstfx


    On their webpage, click on the "about" and then "prime broker relationships" to contact one of the participating brokers.

    Currenex is not a broker. They are only a platform. In order to trade on Currenex, you must open an account with one of the dozen or so brokers that offer prime account, which can run anywhere from 25k-250k minimum to open.
  3. couscous


    Well I guess he means they only offer the platform not the account feature, though I don't find it a good deal. Why don't you try other broker like tradeview or alpari? Just a thought
  4. Another item of note.

    Liquidity can vary immensely from PB to PB. Some have bank only liquidity without the ECN. Some have both the ECN and bank liquidity on top.
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    Because he want a REAL BROKER not a bucketshop like tradeview or alpari. IMHO it's madness to open an account with 25K or more on a bucketshop.

  6. Guys,

    Any prime broker you are aware of that can allow to open account with $25K

    I am looking for professional broker, ECN, DMA quality... to trade in Currenex technology. thanks.