Primal / Paleo Diet

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  1. Anyone here go 100%?
  2. Lots of diets calling themselves "paleo", which do you have in mind?
  3. Sisson primal blueprint is the one I look at the most.
  4. Lean meats, fish, vegetables, no grains, no starches?

    Is this it?
  5. I have gone for a week indulging on nothing but meat. Lack of carbohydrates caused insomnia to the fullest degree.
  6. Eliminate ALL processed food from your diet. No sugar or refined carbs (e.g. cereals, pastas, breads, cookies, etc.)

    Eat fresh organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and a small amount of lean meats. Eliminate grains and keep milk products to a bare minimum. Only drink water and herbal teas.

    I did this for a year and my cholesterol fell from 290 to 150. My triglycerides fell from 400 to 80. I lost weight and I no longer get tired in the afternoon. At night I sleep better than ever.

    Processed foods are killers. Anywhere you find high levels of processed foods you will also find epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

    Stop eating things that come in boxes, bottles (except water), bags and cans. That stuff will destroy your health.
  7. hard to argue with that prescription :)
  8. everything which begins new life and is fully natural is healthy:

    eggs, nuts, seeds, caviar, fruits - notice that many of these foods are high in zinc. if you ejaculate too often, your zinc deposits will fall (semen contains lots of zinc). so diet alone is not enough, its a whole lifestyle that matters!

    raw milk and raw meats are good too, and has been eaten for millenia.
    fermented foods: natto, hard cheeses (both highest in vitamin K2 or "activator X", works in synergy with vit A, D, E ), kefir, sauerkraut.


    other critical factors are:
    1) sunshine. there is literally zero UVB in countries: UK, Denmark, North Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium. The white population there is weak both in fertility and health and will shrink very rapidly. Check the streets of London if you dont believe me.

    2) barefoot contact with Earth. There are people who never touch earth 99.9% of the time. usually, they are sick or not optimally healthy.

    3) emotional state. if you love money instead of life itself or chase material things, your body will respond negatively sooner or later. guaranteed.

    4) sleep quality. again, without sunshine in the day, your pineal gland won't produce enough hormones at night. steve jobs was a perfect example: he wanted to work whole nights in front of the screens and such habit ruins the glands. esp. bright screens during the night totally destroy the pineal gland activity.

    5) physical activity. get your ass out of the 3C - couch, chair, car!!! or your butt and cojones will get smaller.

    human body is a giant, immensly complex chemical and electrical structure.
    diet is just a small part. it wont help you if you lead so called modern ipad, iphone, iTV lifestyle.
  9. Interesting thread. Due to some knee problems I've got to drop some weight or start saving for knee replacement. I'm using a calorie counter app on my phone to help keep track of everything.
    I have to eat a lot of veggies or I'll burn through my daily allowance in no time. But I gotta have my beer, even if it's only one after work.
  10. There is no scientific studies that show "organic" to be anything other than a marketing ploy.
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