Pricing for FutureSource Workstation?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RedSun, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. RedSun


  2. It's my understanding that IDC is not placing a lot of resources in FS updates. I've always liked it and opsource is a nice analytical package. A good platform if you need access to Platts energy, etc.

    $250? I would think it's >$500 with exchange fees and before adding any services like Platts.
  3. RedSun


    >$500 is a little too much. The CQG may be priced at the same range. The ProphetX would be somehow cheater.

    I've not tried the regular eSignal Pro. With energy news and the CME fee waiver, it looks like a good option.

    Just want something basic for charting and real-time news.
  4. My favorite platform (for comms) would be CQG is excellent as you know. The "Grail" analytical system would be Aspen Graphics fed by Bloomberg data, but that's $3k/month with energy subscriptions.
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    Na, I'll just give eSignal a look. The platform provided by my Broker is good enough for me know though I missed some of the real-time news.
  6. Lornz


    I actually prefer tradesignal over Aspen.

    An alternative to FSW is DTN ProphetX. It's about $350/Mo with CQG integration.