Priceless commentary: Universal Soldier: Regeneration

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 2cents, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. The survival rate for characters in this movie is so low that people still die when you have it paused. There are no periods in the script because every sentence gets finished with a knife in the neck or an exploded chest. There was so much fake blood on the set that they had to film it from canoes.

    Strangely, in this film, when a daring kidnapping leaves one million zillion dead and the kidnappers flee to Chernobyl to broadcast terrorist manifestos about undead super soldiers, the press never gets wind of it.

    Universal Soldier: Regeneration really doesnft care whatfs happening in the scene youfre watching– someone is going to die every 20 seconds even if it makes no sense. Nobody even survives the audio commentary of this movie.

    Any RoboCop will tell you that when you bring someone back to life with a reprogrammed brain, youfre going to find a couple existential crises that werenft there before. ... . When they unfreeze Dolph Lundgren, he manages to kill 10 people before hefs even done with the second sentence of his identity crisis. This movie is that efficient.