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  1. Looking for info on trading with price/volume. Websites,webinars,etc. Is this the way to go?
    Any help truly appreciated.
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  3. teaches Wyckoff ( the price/volume master ) for free Tues-Thurs nights.
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    Subscribe to his channel.

    He teaches successfully trading price action with volume confirmation in a simple format.

    Best teacher of the markets that I know of.
  6. Bill Duryea at and Trademaven are additional sources that teach about volume analysis as it relates to price.....just depends how you want to learn and what you are willing to spend if you do not go the SELF TAUGHT route.
  7. NP,

    you've been pushing this site like mad. you must have stock options :D

  8. lol

    I wish I could get stock options in him.

    The reality is, he helped me and many others and didn't charge a penny, and his help is very profitable.

    I've been one of his students for over 6 months now and after almost 10 years in this game, I've not come across any one like him.

    Sorry to post his site all the time but he is the best help I know of.