Price Targets

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by switze22, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. When an analyst gives a "Price Target", what does that mean? The price it will hit by the end of the year?

    I am thinking specifically about :DNA: with all its new upgrades to 80-92$
  2. A price target is the price it will never hit. Its just a way to get the amatuers to buy the stock you are trying to unload.
  3. A price target is when an analcyst, oops, I mean analyst, looks at where the stock is currently priced, and then abitrarily and randomly picks a number out of his or her ass as to where it could theoretically be at some point in the future.
  4. Price targets are worthless... one of the most worthless ones is the one for YGE - take a look on yahoo finance what it's price target is ...