"Price TA" Traders Dream Market Come True...

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    Not sure why people bash TA. Everything is TA in a way and has an inherent lag. Even price action.
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  2. Its has since come to my attention over the last week that - There remains further Un -discounted pips within this S&P 500 Derivative so Price has every change of Continuation Uptrend Phase. Sorry some Price Objectives were over looked at the time but have since been noticed. thanks for your time in this matter.
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    You aren’t taking the setup. Don’t kid yourself. You are waiting for the setup to work, getting in late and taking on unneeded risk.
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  4. TA, as a general rule is that Past Price is indicative of Future Prices and in a way a delay of what is about to happening next. It takes a long time to learn Chart Reading effectively. One must first apply the science through Chart Observation - Learn ones Charting Program & Patterns. Or Concildation Areas at best - Well if applying to US Indices - the US Stock Market. These are an Up Trend which are just starting out as Emerging Markets therefore there is no known Fundamentals or Secure Foundation to base these Indexes upon - Unless you are able to find the Top of the Monthly Chart Range - Which should than follow the Monthly Chart Low Cycle which is back to the bottom of the Chart once again within the Charting Scenarios for Indices - As a based rule of principal as What can be Expected Next.- So Look Out There`s A Humphrey about.
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  5. A Good Point Icranston from the rest of work - A higher high, for example, is not vague. It's not debatable. It either exists or it does not. And the reasons for its existence or lack thereof are immaterial. Cluttering the mind with irrelevancies makes the achievement of one's goals far more difficult than it needs to be.
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