"Price TA" Traders Dream Market Come True...

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  1. Oh my goodness.

    Can't fault you for what you haven't yet learned.... but "support and resistance holds" and "support/resistance breaks which followed through" were all over the place.
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  2. Ditto on the tops/bottoms.... short term and longer. There is also "giving the benefit of the doubt to the trend". That can be dicey as stop placement is more iffy.

    I once saw a quote where PTJ stated... "conventional wisdom is don't try to pick tops and bottoms.... I've made 10 times more money trying to pick them than I ever made trying to not pick them".
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  3. PTJ is great.I also heard about Japanese trader(cant remember his name) made millions bottom fishing was all he did.And i know "order - flow - trend - following" traders that blew up.

    As for iffy stops, i found that moderate leverage could solve the issue.And stops only for some disastrous scenarios.
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  4. Disagree on this. Leveraged or not, tight stops prevent "disastrous scenarios" from developing in one's P/L.
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  5. You must be very good at entries.Mine still suck...Fixed stops is not a viable concept to me(or havent found yet),so i just use less leverage for that purpose.Lots of scratches though and on a rare occasion some big ass loss(yet recoverable).Thats my "TA souce".
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  6. Well.... you want to learn to be better on entries... closer to support/resistance... so you can use a break of the S/R you are playing (plus buffer) as a logical stop.

    As for "occasional big-ass losses"....

    There are only 4 possibilities in a trade..

    Small Gain
    Small Loss
    Big Gain
    Big Loss

    The only one you can control is the "Big Loss"... by not allowing it to happen.
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  7. Working on entries - the biggest issue is upcoming volatility which is always unknown.But talking about S/R, which kind of, particularly?There are plenty of kinds.Or is it even worth it?Never looked at S/R thus far.
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  8. That's a big topic. Suggest you get a book on TA.
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  9. tomorton


    Investing (in anything) is inherently a long-term trend-following strategy. So I'm sure you will have done fine out of the US equity markets for the last several years.

    Indices rise over the long term as we all agree. However, where an instrument does not move in a straight ascending line, the returns on trading in and out as trends form and dissolve will greatly exceed buy-and-hold.
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  10. It certainly will not : Over the shorter or longer term it dose not out weigh the Longer Buy & Hold at a Security but more people will think this is so because they are enable to do either Bud - Well & too your second point would have been reliable - if you could find the trends at dips and/or at highs in the first place as the use of indicators can be so Random as of Market Fluctuation.
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