"Price TA" Traders Dream Market Come True...

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    No, I invest in the indices, etc. and trade options on ST trends.

    The investing side takes care of itself.

    The trading (which I previously indicated) works as long as I follow what I am seeing, not what I am predicting or hoping for. Trade what you see, some times easier said than done.
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    TA is a vague term. It could literally mean anything depending on the person. Yes TA works. But not all TA works equally.
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  3. Personally, I doubt this.


    Every trade... long term, short term... whatever your play, be on the right side of the market's "psycho" as best you can manage.
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    If you check out any instrument that is blasting off to the moon, reaches too far and falls back to Earth, this has nothing to do with TA or chart reading, has to do with human emotion and usually fear. Fear of losing out, and when humans have too much fear, they often times make wrong decisions-they bought at the top, then some point they are selling, during period there is program selling, selling ES and all the Indexes to hedge the Hedge funds and snowballs till the lows of over extension. And yes, most of my automation is TA, some chart reading, some on news reports, when HFT are gearing up and when market ready to collapse, but it just obvious for me or anyone who been hearing how fast Indexes were going, some point buying halts.

    Oh, just cause we disagree, I still enjoy reading what you post.
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  5. Seems to me you have a "blind spot".

    I say, "ALL is revealed in Price TA". You say, "not". I stated my case. You replied with, "you're full of crap".

    One of us is wrong.

    I don't care to argue, so I'll leave it at that.
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  6. Technical analysis is just a small, dynamic tool...amongst many, that you need to constantly consider at any given moment in time, and within the greater collective picture of your trading goal.

    Not many people realize this. And can truly digest and apply it fruitfully for the real world, not just theoretical forum bs chatter.

    A great trader plays many roles and wisdoms...like a football coach, a business CEO, a chess player, a janitor, a dog, a parrot, a comedian, a funeral home parlor, man, woman, sex toys dildo pussy, lube or no lube, book author, professor, cop, artist/painter, an energetic kid and old senior citizen, etc etc

    2018, o_O ET's...all the best,
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  7. Trend following or chop following, in either case your trying to catch tops/bottoms.So, what else is there?
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  8. Disagree.

    To be a successful trader, you need to understand "buying" and "selling"... you do that via "Price TA". Everything else is just drivel.
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  9. Hello Scataphagos,

    I am not sure I understand your post comments.

    What are you trying to say? What was there to see?
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  10. lcranston


    Any trader can define any term however he wishes. What's going to happen? Somebody going to shoot 'im? But there are certain terms or concepts or whatever that become relatively useless if they are not used correctly. "TA", or "technical analysis" refers to the analysis of price movement and has for centuries. Whether price is moving because of an effort to corner a market, or news, or fear, or panic, or greed, or overexuberance, or an election, or interest rates, or various inefficiencies is of no importance to the analysis itself. A higher high is a higher high regardless of how it got there or who's propelling it. A lower low is a lower low regardless of the same. To the daytrader trading price, the "why" is irrelevant as he generally must have to come to a decision regarding his trade before he knows the why. If he waits for it, the trade will most likely be gone.

    The NQ, for example, made what some would call an unsustainable high a month ago. Given the number of times traders have called "unsustainable highs" over the past year, the "call" is unimportant. What is important is that the NQ, after "correcting" and rallying failed to make a higher high. Instead it made a lower high. It then broke its trend. And that's that. The "why" doesn't matter. What matters is that we had a 300pt day in the NQ.

    If one wants to study patterns, no one is going to stop him. If one wants to load his charts with indicators, nobody's going to stop him. If one wants to clutter his charts with colored candles, nobody is going to stop him. But none of this has anything to do with analyzing price. Even charts are not essential to analyzing price (after all, intraday charts have been available to the retail trader for only a couple of decades). The only essential is being able to tell up from down and where price is in relation to where it's been, i.e., higher or lower. Ultimately, it's about -- as Scat says -- buying and selling. Or buying pressure and selling pressure. Or demand and supply. Or the bid and the ask. However one wants to put it, that's what trading is all about, and making it all more complicated than it needs to be is going to be of no additional benefit to the account.

    A higher high, for example, is not vague. It's not debatable. It either exists or it does not. And the reasons for its existence or lack thereof are immaterial. Cluttering the mind with irrelevancies makes the achievement of one's goals far more difficult than it needs to be.
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