"Price TA" Traders Dream Market Come True...

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  1. ehsmama


    So your point is that Basically this is the first month in a Long Long Long time that you made any money. and now TA works...
    TA was always working...When was it not working...Look at the Chart of BA, AMZN, SQ, IPGP...
    If you missed the Bull Market too BAD..Hope you do better now in Choppy markets..Maybe you are not a trend trader..but a support/resistance type of trader
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  2. jinxu


    Uh go ahead dude. Seems pretty extreme for a criticism IMO. But what reason is there for me to care.
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  3. To even suggest such a thing is enough to get you on my ignore list. "Price TA" works... now and always has... if you only know how to read it. If you don't and wish to "poo-poo" it... well, that's your problem.
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  4. sss12


    ....except that most hedge funds did just that..

    But I'm sure you were 200% long, timed the exit and the bounce perfectly. LOL. why don't you put up your last 6 months statements ?
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  5. tomorton


    I was indeed long with multiple pyramided positions on the Dow, the Nas100 and the S&P. These all got stopped out as price fell back and hit my trailing stops, and I was happy to bank the profits. I didn't predict the top, I can't reliably draw tops and bottoms ahead of price. But as I always say, in an uptrend be long, in a downtrend be short.

    But it is hard to understand how some traders (any trader) could have missed the equity markets bull trend.
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  6. trademan1


    I didn't see him ever say TA wasn't working, simply that this has recently been very good trading for someone who trades using TA. People read way too much into things.
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  7. sss12


    "(any trader) could have missed the equity markets bull trend."........with such certitude and confidence surely you wouldn't mind posting some statements ? Maybe help educate the masses......

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  8. tomorton


    The only statement I intend to post is "In an uptrend be long, in a downtrend be short".
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  9. sss12


    I'm not surprised. Another internet hero !
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  10. tomorton


    Well realistically, trend following is not rocket science. Anybody with a chart can do it, even me. I've posted on this often enough but very few traders believe that serious money can be made from trend-following. Beyond that I've posted often on pyramiding winners, which most traders regard as highly risky and effectively likely to gamble away profits through greed.

    I'm happy to keep posting for people who are not dead set against these two principles, in case it brings them some profit as it has me.

    But honestly, I deserve no credit for spotting a multi-year uptrend and riding it. It took no brains and no balls. How did you do yourself over the period? Do you trade the indices?
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