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Discussion in 'Trading' started by AgaHill, Dec 15, 2005.

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    my question is very elementry but here goes...From the books that i have read on trading, they talk about using excel spreadsheets, but i do not understand exactly why. i read about trade stats. but why about the actual price data? Is there a method of understanding the relationship between the prices, ex. O, H, L , C? If there is what is it called ? Excuse me for my ignorance
  2. Sounds like you're reading books that are a bit out of your league? Probably need to figure out what you're trying to accomplish in the first place.
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    Yes, I think that is true.
    I come accross these words like : probability, distribution, corelation, regression, etc. And what I am trying to figure out is what data I am supposed to use ( O, H, L, C)..
    I am trying to figure out where I should start if I am trying to understand trading from the technical point of view?