Price premium for Hot Spot FX data in addition to Barclays and Tullet feeds?

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  1. What do you get for the extra cost?
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    Who are you paying for this data?
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    DTN carry it.
  4. I want to add forex data to my stream (actually I'm also looking for a new data vendor--unhappy with IQFeed), and I've noticed that IQFeed, as well as (anyone know anything about them?), offer forex data from Barclays and Tuttle for one fee and then hot spot as an add on for another $20-$25/mo. I am just curious what one gets for that extra dough (or what one is not getting from the basic feed).

    Thank you.

  5. Tuttle=Tullet
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    What are the issues with IQ feed? Curious as I was looking at them as a possibility.
  7. IQFeed is usually okay; however, during periods of heavy market volume the real time feed is unacceptably delayed. I suppose I'm also irritated with a customer service rep who was somewhat rude and played dumb about the delay problem. Only after I wasted fifteen minutes describing the same problem to him four or five times did he own up that it's a long-running problem that would hopefully be fixed soon (this occurred after the last FOMC meeting). I'm sure their data feed is about as good as other vendors, but I find crappy service a sufficient reason to switch.

    I hope that's helpful.

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    iqfeed DTN


    The Premium fee for HotSpotFXi is because we pay royalties to them for their feed (much like newswires, etc). We have many traders that stick with the basic Forex feed (Barclays) while others prefer Hotspot. The main difference is that you can execute the trades with HotSpot at the prices they provide. Sometimes Hotspot will have tighter spreads, while other times I have seen Barclays closer. It all comes down to preference and needs of the trader. You can receive a free trial of the HotSpot feed by contacting customer support to see if it is worth the extra money before subscribing.
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  10. The guy is complaining about lack of attention, and we
    can see it here as well, in your reply.

    He said data was lagging, and want to know if Hotspot
    lags as well during heavy trading, what this has to do
    with tighter spread :confused: :confused:
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