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    Does anyone know how much Tradestation costs if I DO NOT open a brokerage account ??

    I want charting/data only for SP Eminis..

  2. I think its about $100 for the platform and about $20 or so for the mini data feed
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    I thought they would stroke me for 300 bucks a month !

    I can deal with 125... Just dont want them as a broker. Love the charts though !!
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    Whats the minimum $$ I can put in to get the 99$$ fee??

    any ideas ?
  6. Per this page, the requirements are $5K min for non day traders and $30K for pattern day traders...

    When you calculate your costs, 2 things to consider...

    (1) I think you'll really want/need their Radarscreen product and this is $60 more a month

    (2) The last time I looked they were only paying about 1% interest vs 4% plus with a firm like Interactive Brokers. I could be wrong about this.

    So, if you need to keep $30K in there it is costing you another $75 or so a month so your total costs to use them are really $100+60+75 so you are at about the same price.

    You can also do a certain number of round trip trades to eliminate the $150 but you will pay more there then at IB and once again between the lesser interest amount and the greater fees per trade it all comes out about the same. One way or the other my impression is that you end up paying $200 to $250 more than you would if you were using IB.

    I've used the product in the past and think its a great platform so if you need the features it may be well worth that fee.

    Hope that helps, although I can't promise it's 100% accurate at this point.
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    I appreciate the replies..

    I do like Tradestation. I've used it in the past and want to use it again. I just dont want to clear through them..

    Guess I'lll put in 5k and get my charts :)
  8. Sorry, just brushed over the question. I put in about 5K. I dont trade through them so i dont have a subscription to market depth. So for me its about $150/month. But i have the full CME data feed. Like I said I think its $20 or so for the cme mini only.
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