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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by thehixx, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. thehixx


    Does anyone know the price of Tradebolt for automatic execution from Tradestation to IB? I have read some other posts that seem to imply it is free. The Tradebolt web site does not show a price.

    If it is indeed free, where can I download it? The Tradebolt web site has a download, but it is supposedly only a demo version.
  2. thehixx


    Thanks. That helps a lot. Sounds like a good deal for the Tradebolt folks if they can really take a $1.00 cut every time it is used...

    Me, I'll stick with something like Dynaorder or TraderAssistant and pay once and be done! I can't see Tradebolt's business model holding up over time.
  3. cas


    Well I just got the notification today that on the 12th I will be charged $1 per SIDE for futures trades if I wish to continue using Tradebolt with Tradestation to IB. I would have been more than happy to have paid them for their software, but I am not going to increase my transaction cost by almost 50%. I know a bunch of tradebolt users who have all basically said the same thing. Too bad...Tradebolt works great...but I'm not going to be robbed by that pricing structure.

    If they will not be flexible and REASONABLE, then they will have just completly priced themselves out of the picture as an option for usage.


    edit: Also, i'd add that they made this notification just days before when they will cut it off. Very unprofessional.
  4. thehixx


    Let me make a prediction: TradeBolt will offer revised pricing within one month. It's their right to go for the home run, but they'll find out soon enough that nobody is coming along for the ride.
  5. cas


    Well, I wrote them an e-mail about it, and have not heard back from them yet. And yes, it is their right to price as they please....but the reality is that if a trader trades 2 contracts, with 10 round trips per day on average, that would be $40/day, or $800/month in an added fee. That is a mortgage payment, not a software fee. I'd be happy to pay them a reasonable fee.

    There are other programs that can accomplish what TradeBolt does, and that charge reasonable rates. At this point I am waitng to see what they say, and am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they will do the right / fair thing.

  6. thehixx


    Speaking of other programs that accomplish the same thing, I am familiar with DynaOrder and TraderAssistant. Do you know of any others or have any comments on the ones I mentioned and how they compare to TradeBolt?
  7. cas


    I know that Wealth-Lab just added auto-trading functionality to their program as well. I have not used I can't comment on how well it works. I am going to evaluate Traderassistant this week. I used Dynaorder sometime ago. It worked, but was not as easy to setup as TradeBolt.

  8. fibo618


    I have registered and will be paying to use tradebolt.

    Firstly, it works and works well. Secondly, it helps me trade more
    markets and remain disciplined with my strategies. Thirdly, my
    anxieties over puliing the trigger are removed.

    Commission rates are so low, I am more than happy to give up some profits to tradebolt.
  9. You need to have your head examined.

    On a second glance, just noticed that almost all of your posts are about how great Tradebolt is. Good job on the promotions.

    Happy Trading.
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