price of postage stamps rise again.

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  1. Didn't they raise prices just recently? Anyway...

    CNN says postage stamps will be 41cents -- a 2c increase (5%). They're even creating a "forever" stamp that can still be used in the future if prices rise even more. That is actually something interesting.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Postal Regulatory Commission on Monday released its recommendation of a 2-cent increase in first class postage, along with creation of a 'forever stamp' that would be useable for first class postage even when rates rise again.

    The commission announced rates should rise to 41 cents from 39 cents, one cent lower than the U.S. Postal Service requested. But along with that increase for a 1-ounce letter, it said, the rate for a 2-ounce letter should drop from 63 cents to 58 cents.
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    In another decade or so the stamp will not exist.