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  1. flumas


    Price of wheat and corn increase, but price of meat fall.

    Do you think that price of meat will also increase, because animal eat wheat and corn?

    I think it will, but it is question of time.
  2. corn and fat cattle have an inverse relationship. corn up fats down corn down fats up.
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    Corn and wheat up, meat producers are selling early before maturity, and not increasing stocks. Meat is going to skyrocket. There is an oversupply right now as producers dump the herds.
  4. im bullish cattle in the fall pigs not so sure, the pig prodcers have been uber slow liquidating their herds. even after losing 50 bucks a head
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    Farmers sell cattle and pork, because they can be profitable at that level of creals price.

    Do you have idea, which securities is apropriate for buy if I want to earn with meat.
  6. Grass is free. Maybe more farmers will let cattle eat it instead of keeping them locked in stalls full of their own shit and feeding them corn,antibiotics, hormones, and cattle fat. No, I'm not a vegetarian, I just don't like the way industrial agriculture works. I try to buy only grass fed meats. If the petroleum based inputs get too expensive for producers, they will change their inputs.
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    where you live? In Europe we have to pay for grass. It is not free.

    Meat of cows feeded out of stall is more expensive. So if farmers stop with feed cow with corn, it will increase price of meat.

    I think only one way of price is possible. Up?
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    Spidey hit the nail on the head. Also a lot of guys are taking resourses out of their livestock operations and putting it into grains. Farmers are some of the worst speculators in the world (ie they always seem to lose big in the end).
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    There are a number of "Free" ways a farmer can feed his livestock in the US. They can feed on your own land, grazing on the grass. You can also send them lose in the corn fields after harvest and they will clean that up well, although a lot of guys dont like to do that because the pheasants and such rely on the same thing and it messes with them come hunting season.
  10. you cant always graze its not very efficient compared to big feed lots prodction also the Western US has been in a horrible drought for the last 8 or so years thereby limiting grass to feed. It's an extremely difficult business
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