Price of gold. Manipulated or not?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Debaser82, Oct 4, 2008.


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  2. Gold is a scarce world natural resource commodity.

    It has many important uses in different sciences and elsewhere.
    That is unlike natural diamonds, which are basically worthless --- unless you are a greedy bitch dreaming of looking hot with some bling.
  3. 0-4. The price only seems to be manipulated when the price is "high" or "low". :cool:
  4. The Rothschild family sets the price of gold every morning at the London open.
  5. The Rothschild family is involved in much larger stuff than the mere setting of gold prices - which they are not doing by the way (setting gold prices)...

    but nice FUD attempt of ridiculing any perception that the Rotschild businesses might have anything to do with financial market manipulations or financial politics/regulations. Trying to add a little disinformation from your own universal truth campaign by taking the "most extreme variant" as a common denominator?
  6. I think you misunderstood me. I really meant what I said. The gold market has been heavily manipulated by the Rothschild family for over 200 years.

    I would be very interested in knowing exactly how much physical gold their family has amassed since the creation of the first Red Shield firm in Frankfurt (1743).
  7. Well, the way you said had the opposite effect.
    Overdoing your extreme view, just opens for ridicule - because it is obviously not true...

    The degree of influence that the Rotschilds have on today's gold prices, I don't know --- but what I DO know is that it is not the same as 200 years ago, not even 100 or 50 years ago...

    Technology and the many uses for gold has made it's importance so much more pronounced, and that is also reflected in the prices of gold, platinum etc. The second big thing was the USD unpegging from gold. These two things are much more important than any Rotschild as of today's gold markets. Sure the price can still be influenced, but not to an extreme like before.

  8. no. he is not "over stating" the level of control the red shield family exercises over the gold markets.

    the family and its proxies effectively own the private US Federal Reserve bank and the British Central banks.

    over the past decade, these central banks have been very active in manipulating gold prices.

    they have also been very active with their controlled media trying to debase gold as a reserve for monetary value.

    The USD is going to go lower. much much lower.

    and gold will eventually move much higher. after all, the red shields do not control the biggest reservoir of liquid capital which is now controlled by asians. And that capital will soon be seeking safety.
  9. I agree that the Rotschilds have a lot of say for the FED and BOE, however what proof have you of gold price manipulation over the past decade from the Rotschilds - how are they connected, and under what premise or gain, motive?

    Of course the USD is next to worthless - that's something we all agree on - it just cannot be "allowed" to falter because of it's still importance.

    Your last remarks I would call pure speculation of the future, with little substance...