Price Manipulations by Market Maker of PWE

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by traderum, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. See what at this moment is happening to the stock price of PWE.
    The price is going within seconds wildly up and down (more than 5 % !).
    This is because I have a good position in that stock
    and this %§%& MM tries to force me to sell low.

    Anybody have experience on how to complaint and report about such manipulations committed by the Market Makers?

    I wonder why nobody is controlling the Market Makers.
    They are IMO the biggest criminals in Wall Street.
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    i suggest you create a new handle to post with so you can never be associated with this thread again
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    You'd better keep "trading" rhum and leave PWE alone...

  5. Pssst, I've got news for ya, manipulation of one form or another occurs in all issues. There's generally deception below the surface in accordance with inventory posture and agenda. That would include shakeouts of weak hands.

    The volatiity you're experiencing is a reflection of the liquidity (or shall we say lack of it) in the stock(s) you're operating in. Hence, you have no complaint.
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    What naughty little rascals. I've a good mind to write a letter of complaint, or maybe even speak to their parents.
  7. At the moment you posted your message, it was 8:40PM and the market was closed. I looked at a chart for that day and didn't see any 5% swings (low 18.07, high 18.48). Also, how does an MM who handles 2 million shares a day manage to find time to pick on you, specifically?

    Maybe you're talking about after-hours and somebody is flashing a bid or ask that is so out of range that it's never going to be filled anyway.

    edit: now I see from his other threads that he's paper trading.
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    When he says price is moving up/down 5%, I think he's referring to some unspecific option. Probably flashing from 1.00 to 1.05 while some server somewhere resets.

    Or, alternatively, the trojan horse known as TWS installed on his machine is using the webcam to monitor his eye movements, and boosting option prices at the instant he glances at the "buy" button.
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    Yup, the market makers are trying to shake you out of your paper trading position. As I mentioned in the other thread, market makers are mind-readers so even if you just used a pencil and a paper to papertrade rather than IB's demo platform the market makers would still know your positions and would try to shake you out of them.
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