Price limits on YM contracts:

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  1. In accordance with Regulation 1008.01(D), the following daily price limits will be in effect for the CBOT® Dow Jones Industrial Averagesm (DJIA) Index futures and futures option contracts for the trading period from January 2, 2007 through March 31, 2007:

    CBOT ($10)
    Dow Jones
    CBOT ($5)
    mini-sized Dow Jones Industrial Averagesm CBOT ($25) BIG Dow Jones Industrial Averagesm


    10% Price Limits:

    OpenOutcry e-CBOT e-CBOT

    10% Price Limits:

    20% Price Limits:

    30% Price Limits:

    Inquiries about this notice should be directed to the following individuals in the Business Development Department:

    Gene Mueller
    (312) 435-4681

    Daniel Grombacher
    (312) 435-3787

    Jonathan Kronstein
    (312) 435-7162

    Geoffrey Price
    (312) 347-5458

    Frederick Sturm
    (312) 347-5235


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  2. Do the limits apply to the upside AND the downside? I believe the NYSE and CME limits are for the downside only.